Autumnal Stamping with F.U.N Lacquer ‘Burning Up’

Hey guys,

I uploaded this design on my instagram account a week ago and then my internet connection went down 🙁 so this post is a week late. This is the first of a couple of designs I did for autumn this year. I used Fun Lacquer’s Burning Up as my base as it’s the perfect colour. It’s a multichrome that shifts through copper,orange, gold,pink and I daresay green at a certain angle! It’s basically autumn in a bottle and I reached for it instantly.

Swatches of Burning Up :

Looks like a gorgeous wine coloured satiny beauty in the shade!


Some of that shift is visible in this one:


Sunlight swatch spam, slightly pink with orange highlights in the corners:


Looking more brownish orange in this one :


This last one was taken inside and captures the crazy orange shift I was talking about:


As usual, I wanted to stamp an autumn appropriate design on this beautiful base, but I didn’t want the base to be completely obscured by the print , so I went with a simple double stamped leaf.

Here’s what I used:


Basecoat –  Orly Bonder

F.U.N Lacquer – Burning Up 

Liquid Latex for easy cleanup with stamping

Konad Black Stamping polish

Maybelline Color Show – No. 008 Bold Gold

Glisten & Glow – HK Girl Top Coat

XL Gold stamper from FabUrNails (Not Pictured)

Plate used:


HeHe 52 from the HeHe brand

The process is pretty simple, I chose a leaf and stamped it in black. Then I picked up the same image in gold and stamped over the black with a partial overlap so the black leaf sort of looks like a shadow.

Here’s the finished look:


In sunlight:


I leave you with this :


So what do you think?

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