Nail That Technique

What  :  A weekly challenge where participants try out a nail art technique. Hosted by the ‘Indian Lacquer Lovers’ (ILL) group from Facebook. You can find them here.

Who : Anyone can participate.

When : A challenge calendar is posted at the start of the month. Repost the calender on Instagram and use the hashtag #NailThatTechnique on all social media platforms. There is one prompt for each week, so participants get enough time to try out the technique. More than one mani can be created.

Where : Share your work with the ILL group on Facebook and Instagram.

Why : Variety is the spice of life! Left to my own devices, I’d probably create stamped manicures everyday, heh heh! This is one way for me to explore new techniques and experiment out of my comfort zone (Here’s looking at you , water marble!)

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